Consumer & Lifestyle Insights

The Essential Consumer Subscription

Tailored to your business, we’ll deliver data-supported lifestyle trends and consumer realities, as well as generational demographic & psychographic updates. Reports are also enhanced with predictive
forecasts through 2030.

1-Year Subscription includes 2 digital deliveries (in February and July) of your customized Springboard Consumer Intel & Insight Report. Both reports include a 60-minute live web-based presentation to your
team, and a Q&A session to discuss how Springboard’s insights apply to your business.

Consumer Intelligence Reports, Category Updates & Insights, and Specialty Reports

Springboard publishes an array of specialty reports on topics ranging from trade show and market overviews to channel-focused explorations, and category-level insights,. Specialty Reports are available a la carte, and one is included with both Essential Consumer and Style & Design Subscriptions.

Customized Consulting

Unsure which of our reports would be most important for your business? Request your Springboard one-on-one below.