The 2022 Value Equation Index Reveals Evolving Consumer Values

by | Mar 10, 2022 | Blog, Trend

We are proud to announce the upcoming 2022 Value Equation Index, new research derived from our latest survey commissioned by Tom Mirabile of Springboard Futures, Leigh Ann Schwarzkopf of Project Partners Network, and Michelle Lamb of The Trend Curve.



At the recent Inspired Home Show, Mirabile and Schwarzkopf presented snippets of the new research in their 2022 Top Trends Keynote address, where they shared highlights the most important elements influencing consumers’ purchases of home and housewares products today.



A recap can be read here:



A recording of the keynote will be available here, later this month.
Lauren DeBellis
Lauren DeBellis

Content curator and editor, Springboard Futures.

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