COVID-Resistant Trend #3

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Trend

There’s been a lot of discussion about how home style trends will change in the wake of COVID-19. Some people believe that trend as we know it, will simply cease to exist. Here at Springboard Futures, our perspective is rooted in value to the consumer.

“Evergreen” trends which are more durable style statements will continue to meet the needs of style-conscious and expressive consumers. In our COVID-resistant Trends for 2020-21 series, we will explore those trends that are built to last.

In this clip, we take you on a quick tour of the Modern Mindset Trend, which is a prime example of the many successful offspring of Mid-century Modern. This variant is a winner in the making. Softer, more organic forms make their way in, and a freshened palette brings new light and life when we need it most.Still, the core remains as it was intended: a style fully conscious of space, function, and superb versatility.

Stay tuned for more in this series, coming to you soon!


Host: Tom Mirabile, Founder/Principal, Springboard Futures
Melissa Gruenfeld, Content Curator, Springboard Futures

Melissa Gruenfeld
Melissa Gruenfeld

Melissa is the Content Curator for Springboard Futures. She is also a freelance interior stylist, stager, professional organizer, and creative solutions manager on both East and West Coasts with a dual degree in Interior Design and Home Products Development from The Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY. 


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