A Springboard Spotlight: Staging- The New Merchandising Solution

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Blog

Many of you might already know me from the work I do here at Springboard Futures as Content Curator. What you probably don’t know is that I have another professional passion — Home Staging. That means I furnish and style homes about to be listed for sale, with the goal of making those homes desirable to the highest number of potential buyers, in the shortest amount of time. Staging techniques focus on improving a property’s appeal by ensuring it is welcoming, attractive, and ideally enables prospective buyers to envision themselves living there, while also accentuating the home’s best features and down-playing its flaws.

Tom Mirabile and I were talking about my passion for staging, and suddenly realized that the methods and goals of staging in real estate, were actually a perfect solution to many of the challenges facing retail (and showroom) merchandising in the Home industry! Tom asked to feature me in this Springboard Spotlight episode, and boom– my worlds collided in a great way!

In this video, we examined the essential goals of staging, and compared them to the challenges retailers face every day. The conclusion: by utilizing staging techniques, retail can:

  • Maximize space & minimize clutter
  • Create comfortable traffic flow 
  • Styling & visual transformation
  • Emphasize multifunction & flexibility

Once you have your spaces cleared and maximized for optimal use, the visual transformation can begin. Remember- the goal is to create a space capable of being visually transformed into different stories or environments easily, as your assortments and displays evolve. Staging techniques enable more focused, creative ideas that clearly communicate your brand’s identity. And, since you’ve paid attention to the essential aspects of the environment you wish to create, changes can be executed much more quickly. 

If you have any questions about the staging process, getting started or need assistance in staging your space, please feel free to send me an email . I would be delighted to help you! I hope you enjoy this video, I’m certain it will bring new ease and inspiration to your merchandising challenges.

Tips & Tricks

In my staging experience over the years, I’ve had the privilege to work with a variety of some leading industry experts and companies. While I was preparing my own list of staging tips to share with you, I asked a couple of my mentors to share some home staging tips that can easily translate to retail and wholesale merchandising.

Melissa Gruenfeld

Home Stager/Stylist & Professional Organizer

  • Clear clutter and unnecessary items/ furniture– Less is more! 
  • Add mirrors to small spaces to make the space feel larger & more luxurious
  • Don’t leave empty shelves–make sure you balance shelving displays and table arrangements
  • Vary placement of accessories to create added visual interest–play with symmetry AND asymmetry 
  • Don’t cover or cut windows awkwardly and unnecessarily– windows are an asset plus you need all the natural light you can get!
  • Avoid darker/heavier-looking pieces in a small space–it will crowd the room.
  • Play up height (when you have high ceilings) by placing vertical furniture, art, shelving, and interesting lighting fixtures
  • Add greenery to make the space feel alive and fresh 

Cathy Hobbs

Celebrity Interior Designer, owner of NYC Home Staging company, Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes:

“There are a number of quick and affordable fixes that can help:

  • DO give your walls a fresh coat of paint
  • DO make minor repairs
  • DON’T forget to have your space professionally cleaned. This will make a huge visual impact.”

Bryanna Rutstein

Head Designer & Stager

“Invest in smart storage solutions that will allow for additional function of the space. Also, versatility in furniture function allows for rooms to quickly be transformed.”

Melissa Gruenfeld
Melissa Gruenfeld

Melissa is the Content Curator for Springboard Futures. She is also a freelance interior stylist, stager, professional organizer, and creative solutions manager on both East and West Coasts with a dual degree in Interior Design and Home Products Development from The Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY. 

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