Mastering the Modern Marketplace – A Springboard Webinar Series Replay

by | Apr 26, 2020 | Blog, In the Media, Webinars & Events

Phase three of our webinar series, “Moving Forward : Looking Back“, focuses on Mastering the Modern Marketplace, during this difficult time of COVID-19. Though the seismic effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on our social and economic landscapes are not yet completely clear, changes are already rippling across established norms of culture and industry, creating new standards of responsibility, ethics, performance, and community. In the Home industry, postponement and cancellation of trade shows has created unimaginable challenges for both suppliers and retailers, and placed unique, new burdens on market centers and show producers.

On April 20, 2020 we were fortunate to gather with a panel of industry leaders on the front lines of change for discussion and debate regarding how markets are responding today as well as their visions for meeting the evolving needs of suppliers, retailers, exhibitors, and attendees. They shared their unique perspectives and the actionable insights and it was our most well-attended webinar to date! If you missed it, no worries–we brought it to you here!

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Host: Tom Mirabile, Founder, Springboard Futures


Dorothy Belshaw, Executive Vice President – Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, International Market Centers
Tim Hart, Senior Vice President, Retail, Emerald Expositions
Jesse James, Founder, Shoppe Object
Leana Salamah, Vice President of Marketing, International Housewares Association
Joan Ulrich, Executive Vice President, Leasing, Dallas Market Center

**If you attended, please check your email for access details for the replay.

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Springboard Futures

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