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Tom Mirabile
Principal & Founder, Springboard Futures

Get Ready for the Shiftshow

The likelihood of a 2023 burdened by recession has grown beyond realistic deniability. That means it’s time to take a deep breath and re-supply the creative and strategic storm cellars that saw us through the bombardment of a protracted global pandemic. Some might argue that domestic recession and global pandemic are incomparable. But examined objectively, the core survival skills are surprisingly analogous:

  • Continual, actionable evaluation of consumer aspirations and stressors
  • Strategic investment in responsive, differentiating product and service innovations
  • Structural dexterity that supports rapid course correction 

That said, the first crucial step is adjusting our perspective. The fact is recessions are a natural part of our economic cycle. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, we have faced 12 recessions since World War II. Make no mistake, the times ahead will be challenging. But for the aware and adaptive, they will represent a period of tremendous opportunity.

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Embrace the Never Normal

Change is the only constant in today’s Home marketplace, Shifts in social, technological, environmental, and financial atmospheres are met by consumers who are more informed and empowered than ever.

In the Home & Housewares industries, industry, an informed understanding of consumers and their various aspirations and needs will separate the businesses that thrive from those which only survive.

That’s why we’re here.

Springboard Futures delivers world class perspective and insight, creating unique hybrids of primary industry research and analysis combined with secondary research from many of the worlds most renowned and reliable resources.

Springboard Futures Review Team

Powered by Partnerships

We have an unsurpassed portfolio of resources and partnerships dedicated to exploring the obstacles, innovations and opportunities facing the Home & Housewares industry.

Whether you’re looking for truly actionable consumer insights that reach across demographics and industries or customized analytics and consulting, Springboard delivers the perspective and intel your team needs to make smarter, faster decisions.

Actionable Agility

The intersection of consumer, product, and technology is creating trends that evolve at blinding speed, while analytics and perspectives flood in daily. Too often, the sheer volume and velocity of all this information only creates strategic paralysis and inertia.

The Springboard team is dedicated to identifying the trends that matter to the Home and Housewares marketplace, providing truly actionable insights to our clients, and to the industry at large.

The Springboard Blog, as well as regular industry webinars and presentations will keep your team informed with relevant and exclusive content from myriad trusted, reliable, and influential sources

Focus & Forecast

At Springboard, we take the time to listen and then provide focused, actionable insights that are relevant to your business. 

We deliver insights curated to move you forward with the intel you need to navigate important shifts in:

  • Harmonized Retail Experience
  • Social Media & Influence
  • Consumer Mindset & Aspiration
  • Consumer Spending & Lifestyle
  • International Trade Shows & Markets
  • Home Style & Design

Consumer and Lifestyle Insights

Data-driven, actionable perspectives reveal the social and economic forces driving today’s consumers, their shifting needs, expectations, and aspirations. Our ongoing generational updates keep you in step with crucial information on the shifting perspectives and economic influence of each.

Consumer Trend Report Springboard Insights

Style & Design Trends

Directional trend guidance focused on key trends in style and design. Major trend themes are identified and presented in lifestyle with recommended color palettes, and directional product categories, patterns, materials, form, and function.

To find out how Springboard Futures can move your business through the Now to the Next, contact scharton@springboardfutures.com or call 802-4-FUTURE (802-438-8873) to set up a consultation.

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